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Brow Wax

(Can lasts 14-21 Days)

$25 (30min)

Brow Tint (Hairs Only) &


(Can lasts 14-21 Days)

$50 (45min)

Brow Tint (Hairs Only)

(Can lasts 14-21 Days)

$30 (30min)

Brow Hair & *Lash Tint

(Can lasts 14-21 Days)

$65 (45min)

*We only tint Top lashes.


**We use either a natural base hard wax resin suitable for all hair and skin types, especially sensitive skin types or a soft wax that guarantees the best depilatory result. We will determine the best option for you during your service.

Brow Wax Center

$13 (10min)

Chin Wax

$15 (10min)

Chin Wax & Neck

$25 (25min)

Chin Wax & Neck Strip

$20 (20min)

Nose & Nostril Wax

$25 (15min)

Sideburns Wax

$18 (10min)

Lower Or Upper Lip Wax

$13 (10min)

Full Face Wax

Neck Strip Wax

$15 (10min)

Neck Wax

$20 (15min)

Cheek Wax

$17 (15min)

Ear Wax

$15 (15min)

Nostril Wax

$15 (10min)

Nose Wax (Outside)

$15 (10min)

Lower & Upper Lip Wax

$21 (15min)

*Full Face Wax includes Chin, Upper Lip, Lower Lip, Cheeks, Sideburns & Brow Cleanup

$55 (45min)

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